Monday, 30 June 2014

Release date gets closer for 'Journey to the Other Side.'

Ok, it's not the most catchy title for a blog post but it does capture what's happening right now. My third book in The Viking's Apprentice series is due for release later this month or early in August. This is a nervous time for any writer. A time where their faith in their own work is put to the test; a very public test.

Soon I will find out what the readers think of book 3. Will it achieve number 1 across Amazon in it's genre as the other two have? Obviously I truly hope it does, however in reality I have no idea.

The actual writing of the book finished 2 weeks ago. It's with the editor, (same editor I used for book 2, Karen) and she will be tough but fair, and won't pull any punches if something doesn't add up. Writers can get defensive when the editor points out a flaw or a mistake. I used to, but not any more. It takes more than the author to complete a good book. The author has the skill to write a story, but others help make it presentable to the public.

The cover is also a work in progress, and again I am using the same artist I used for book 2. Ash is a talented artist, and his cover for The Master's Revenge won cover of the year 2013 in the children's category in the AuthorsDB contest. For book 3 we have passed the cover back and forth a few times and it's now finished apart from a couple of minor changes, and the blurb for the back of the paperback version. I posted an early version to my facebook page, feel free to have a look at the cover, and don't forget to like the page, and leave me a comment. I always answer any comments personally.

As a book launch nears I find a lot of my time is used up preparing social media which is something I enjoy. Hootsuite is my weapon of choice, but I'm sure others are just as good. Once again, as stated in a previous blog, I don't get paid to support any social media tool over another. I just call it like I see it. I find Hootsuite easy to use and it links with all my social media platforms which makes it straight forward for me.

I'm not a social media master, but I definitely see improvement in my skills from this time last year. It's a required part of an author's work whether they are self published or traditionally published. As always if there any authors out there who are starting out and need some help finding their feet they can contact me through this blog or through any of my social media contacts which are listed below.

I will keep you all updated with the timetable for the launch of book 3, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as you did books 1 and 2. I thank you for your support and the great number of messages I receive on my facebook and twitter. I genuinely appreciate the support, and the books would not be a success without the readers.

Oh, I almost forgot if you haven't got the first two books and would like the chance to win sign copies head over to goodreads via these links to enter for free.

The Viking's Apprentice paperback

The Master's Revenge paperback

If you just can't wait and feel you must have both books right now then you can visit my website buying page and it has all the links to every platform. Whether you use Amazon, Ibooks, kobo, nook or any other readers they are all there just waiting for you. Follow this link  Buy the books here
The first two books are only 99p/cents until book 3 is launched at which point their price goes back to normal so don't delay to join the adventure!

The Viking's Apprentice achieved number 1 in US, UK and Canada, was Reader's choice in the Scottish Daily Record and chosen as the reading book for some schools in Scotland for ages 8 to 11.

The Master's Revenge achieved number 1 in the US and UK and won cover of the year in 2013 in the children's category of the annual contest.

Chart position is from Amazon genre data.

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