Sunday, 14 April 2013

Book update featuring how to fall down the stairs (now with photo!)

It has been a busy weekend in the McLeod household. First of all The Viking's Apprentice landed on Ibooks. If you are one of the people who has been waiting on the IBook version please click here The Viking's Apprentice to download your copy.

I have had some communications from my followers in the USA (my stats tell me more people in the US read my blog than anywhere else) that the link I give for the book does not allow them to buy it. The link I have been giving out is for UK Amazon so let me fix that right now. If you are in the USA or India and want to purchase The Viking's Apprentice follow this link:

The Viking's Apprentice USA

For those of you who have already bought the book in America thank you for making it rise to Number 8 in it's genre. I appreciate every purchase and I am grateful to all of you. Enjoy reading :)

After the successful launch on IBook the first paperback copies of the book arrived. These are very special copies especially for Furnace primary school. For those of you who have read my earlier blogs you will know that the town of Furnace was the inspiration behind my story setting. A quiet sleepy village on the water, secluded and surrounded by hills and forests. The school ordered the copies after learning that I had used their town as my inspiration. These copies have been given to the school free of charge. They inspired me maybe I can inspire them. The book is to be used as their reading book for next term and beyond!

Here is a photo of the first signed book, just because really!

So, IBook go live done, paperback copies arrived and first book signing all achieved this weekend.

Now for my tip of the day!

Do not attempt to answer your tweets while walking down the stairs in your home. Especially if your two dogs are coming down the stairs with you. As I lost my footing and began to fall I was faced with a choice, do I use my arms to slow me down when I hit the stairs or my butt? I opted for arms and now have very attractive burns down my right arm. My HTC tumbled out of my hands hitting the stairs and then the hall floor quickly followed by me and my chocolate Lab Ted. My Jack Russell, Megan, had the sense to head up the stairs as I was falling down them.

Some of you have asked how badly I hurt my arm, well here is the proof! Ouch!!

Competition reminder:
I launched The Viking's Apprentice competition in my last blog and here is the question again.

How many sons does Tanis have? Answers by email to Email Kevin prizes, closing dates and rules were in my last blog so check it out and good luck.
As always here are my contact details for anyone wanting to get in touch.

website: twitter @bannon1975 email Facebook The Viking's Apprentice FB

Enjoy your Sunday and feel free to get in touch. I answer all emails, tweets, Fb's etc personally.

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