Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Competition ideas and now competition question!

This is a blog post that I want to open up to all of you. I am thinking of running a competition where a lucky winner will receive either a signed poster of the cover art, a signed print edition of the book (out soon) or both!

So my questions for all of you are which prizes would you like? Should there be three prizes IE First prize is signed cover art and a signed book. Second Prize would be the signed book and third prize would be the signed cover art.

For the questions themselves would you like a single question, a single question with multiple choice or 3 questions?

Please email me your preferences @ and we will go with whatever most people decide. I will update this blog post in 24 hours with the most popular choice.

In order to enter you will have to know The Viking's Apprentice click on this link to take you to the amazon purchase page. The deadline for entries will be set to give people time to read the book if they haven't already!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased the book, followed the blog and been in touch. Your support is very much appreciated. Just to remind you here is the cover art you will win as part of the prize. It will be signed by myself and the artist. Good  luck and I look forward to receiving your suggestions.

Competition Vote results and question

The Votes are in and you all voted for 3 prizes. Top prize is a signed book and poster. 2nd prize is a signed copy of the book and 3rd prize is a signed poster.

Here is the question..... In the Viking's Apprentice how many sons does Tanis have?
Answers to my email address or by Direct message on twitter @bannon1975
 The winners will be selected at random by my daughters! The closing date is May 30th. Good luck.

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